December 2019

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Who helps animals, also helps people.
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Dear members and friends

the days "between the years" are used by many for a moment of deep breathing. After all the hustle and bustle of the past weeks and months, the time has also come for us to pause, summarize and report what's new at FinnDomingo e.V.
The year 2019 was marked by the actions related to our first major educational project Learning from Each Other: Animal Care (r) in Germany and Chile. How did it go How did the President of the Chilean partner organization experience everyday life in the German animal shelters? What adventures did Chile have for the Germans on their return visit? This is what this newsletter tells.
In particular, however, he tells us what is exciting about this pilot project and what FinnDomingo e.V. has in store for 2020. These are ambitious plans, that much can be said. How far we can implement it depends on many factors, but not least that we know we support you. Thank you very much for your interest in our work!
On behalf of the Board, I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Sincerely yours
Ellen Stähr
Public relations & Fund raising

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Who helps animals, also helps people.
As part of the German-Chilean development work FinnDomingo e.V. is committed to initiate and perform projects that help people acquire, exchange and pass on knowledge and practical experience in animal husbandry, animal care and animal health.

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German-chilean educational project (Part I)

Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar means "Homeless Paws Shelter" and is the name of the small Chilean animal rescue station where, since 2014, María Ruiz Cisternas, her sister Valentina and some volunteers have been taking care of sick and injured dogs that were abandoned or mistreated. It is officially registered at the City of Concepción (municipality Chiguayante) and recognized as a charitable, non-profit association.
"Homeless Paws Shelter" is the Chilean partner organization with whom we are conducting our first educational project in responsible animal husbandry. Partners on the German side are the Animal Protection Association for Hannover and surrounding areas e.V. as well as the Animal Protection Association Groß-Essen e.V., each of them running a large animal shelter in Germany.
Part I of this binational project has now begun: On July 1st, María Ruiz started her work&learn stay at the animal shelter in Hannover, in August this internship will continue at the Albert Schweitzer animal shelter in Essen. Moreover, on 17th and 18th August we will perform a coaching seminar to prepare four German zookeepers for Ptheir return visit in Chile. This German work&learn stay will begin in October and is partly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of the governmental program EducationWorldwide .

At the preparatory meeting, trainees and trainers from Hanover and Essen will get to know each other for the first time and prepare their trip together. Together with María Ruiz, our club will conduct an intercultural coaching on Saturday (17 August) and a workshop on Sunday (18 August), where participants will develop ideas for the documentation and public presentation of the project.

Guests are welcome!
The work in the "cat house" of the animal shelter in the German city of Hannover is new for María. Chile's streets are dominated by stray dogs.
María Ruiz: "I'm surprised how many different species of animals you can keep in the shelter. They have all sorts of birds and exotics here. Even pigs. It is already exciting buying the food for them all and calculating the rations."
Purchases for the feed kitchen with the Hanoverian "Struppi-Mobil".
In Chile, each day anew María Ruiz has to find ways to organize the errands for her animal rescue station and, above all, the transport of the dogs. This struggle costs a lot of time and energy. An own "shelter mobile" would be one of her biggest dreams.

Fund raising campaign "Road bikes for animal welfare"

More and more professionals and semi-professionals, as well as amateur cyclists, use cycling to collect donations for charitable projects. In general, the focus is set on humanitarian aid: children, the elderly, people who are seriously ill or needy... Not many athletes pedal to promote animal welfare issues. We want to change that. Knowing that the welfare of human beings is closely linked to the welfare of animals, our motto is: Who helps animals, also helps people!
With this campaign FinnDomingo e.V. raises funds for its educational projects in responsible animal husbandry.
Be part of it and "Give us Five".
Am 15. Juni startete Karsten Nagel, erfahrener Langstrecken-Rennradler und Gründungsmitglied unseres Vereins, gemeinsam mit rund 700 weiteren Radbegeisterten um vier Uhr dreißig morgens in Duisburg zu einer 300-Kilometer-Tagestour an die Nordsee. Zwölf Stunden später erreichte er Bensersiel, begleitet vom "Rückenwind" vieler Freunde und Bekannten. Vielen Dank dafür!
A retrospective: on June 15, Karsten Nagel, a long-distance racing cyclist and a founding member of our association, participated in a 300-kilometer marathon along with 700 other cycling enthusiasts. They started at 4.30 in the morning in Duisburg, a city in southwest Germany. Twelve hours later, they arrived on the North Sea coast, accompanied by the "tail wind" of many friends and acquaintances. Thank you all!
This action was the prelude to our future fundraising concept. During the first year of the Association it was necessary to devote ourselves mainly to the acquisition of projects. However, we must now concentrate more intensely on raising funds in order to carry out the projects properly. These funds can be material resources, services provided free of charge, volunteer work, sponsorship, etc. Of course, also monetary donations are needed.

While we did not receive many monetary donations in our first fundraising campaign, we surely gained experience and valuable suggestions. In addition, we found more partners for our next action "Road bikes for animal welfare". This action will take place next summer at "Rad am Ring", a big event at the legendary Nürburgring, which attracted some 25,000 visitors in the past year.

Our Association will be represented at the "24 hours race" not only with a larger team of cyclists, but also with an information booth. Successful fund raising is the result of successful communication with interested people who will become and continue to be active supporters, donors, supporters of the association and its mission.
You want to join in? Welcome! For more details, contact FinnDomingo e.V.

Charity-Shopping: Automatically do good

Buy online and donate to charity at the same time? Charity Shopping makes it possible. Imagine: somewhere someone orders a t-shirt on the Internet, and somewhere else a charitable organization, for example, an animal shelter, receives a small donation. In the US, Germany and other countries, this simple principle has been spreading for several years. You go to a charity shopping platform and select the online store where you want to buy. Then, you choose a nonprofit organization as the beneficiary of the purchases and continue shopping as usual.

In Germany, Gooding is probably the biggest charity shopping platform that represents mora than 1600 online retail companies. That is, you can donate for charitable purposes with almost all your purchases on the internet. For each purchase made through Gooding, a premium of approximately 5% of the purchase price is granted to a non-profit organization. The customer chooses the organization, but pays the same as usual. The company pays the premium, and Gooding is financed with a portion of the premium that the beneficiary organization voluntarily declares.
You want to support the work of FinnDomingo e.V. through your online purchases at no extra cost? Just click on the button and find out.
The premium is much lower with Smile.Amazon, Amazon's donation platform in the US, Germany and Austria: only 0.5% of the purchase price the online giant grants to the chosen non-profit organization with each purchase made through Smile.Amazon. However, for those who buy a lot on or, this is an easy way to support the work of FinnDomingo e.V. with their purchases at no additional cost
You buy at or and want to support the the work of FinnDomingo e.V. without any additional costs? Just click on the button, register and continue shopping as usual.
A question to our readers outside Germany: Are their charity shopping platforms in your country? We are looking forward to your comments.