We promote development cooperation projects between Chile and Germany with focus on animal welfare. Our projects are designed for longer periods of time and aim at all kinds of animals living in human care: companion animals, farm animals and wild animals in zoos, circuses etc.

Our recent educational project deals with stray dogs in the area of Concepción, the second largest city of Chile.

It is named “Learning from each other: Animal Care(takers) in Germany and Chile” and promotes internships of people from the Chilean animal welfare association Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar (“Homeless Paws Shelter”) in Germany as well as extended educational visits of German animal keepers in Chile. The Germans come from two large animal shelters in the cities of Hannover and Essen.

The Chilean Refugio is an animal rescue center where young animal welfare activists take care of sick and injured dogs that have been abandoned or mistreated. In order to ensure the continuation of their work, the Shelter people want to learn more about the efficient and sustainable management of a modern animal shelter.

Unfortunately, they face two major problems: 1. there is no public funding for animal welfare in Chile and 2. there are very few shelters in the country, hardly any of them using established guidelines. Therefore, what is needed most, besides financing, is knowledge and practical experience.

This is why Homeless Paws´ looked for help in Germany and contacted us at the beginning of 2018.

Why Germany?

Active animal protection has a long history in Germany and there are many professionally run animal centers. Chile and Germany have maintained solid relationships for nearly 200 years, and qualifications acquired in Germany are still highly regarded in Chile.


The “Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar” (“Homeless Paws Shelter”) is the animal rescue station of the eponymous club in Chiguayante/Concepción (Chile).