The well-being of humans is closely linked to the welfare of the animals. Who helps animals, also helps people! For example, in Chile stray dogs are not only a massive problem for animal welfare, but also for public health, traffic safety and environmental protection.

Our non-profit organization is committed to ensuring that people can acquire the necessary experience, as well as have opportunities to practice and exchange knowledge regarding

  • animal husbandry,
  • animal care and/or
  • animal health.

Wherever animals live in human care, their well-being is only possible if their needs and wants are known and addressed. As part of the development work between Germany and Chile, our organization supports projects that seek to transfer knowledge, exchange ideas and implement best practices and proven professional methods.

Chile projected onto the map of Europe: Whether in South America or Europe, animal welfare is everyone’s business.

We emphasize the following measures:

  1. We develop and organize projects to promote learning and teaching in Germany and abroad in the areas of animal husbandry, animal care and/or animal health.
  2. We recognize and support reputable Chilean charities whose purpose is to promote responsible animal husbandry.
  3. We initiate strategic partnerships with national and international organizations or corporations, in order to raise funds for animal welfare and/or vocational training, and eventually we jointly carry out these projects.