Become a food/medicine sponsor? Here’s how…

The FinnDomingo animal sponsorships started during the COVID pandemic as emergency aid for the member associations of the project “Network Chilean Animal Welfare Association”. In the meantime, they have become established as a small contribution to the daily struggle of Chilean animal welfare activists, which has by no means become easier after the pandemic.

With their monthly payments (starting from 10 €) the animal godmothers and godfathers help the respective NGO of “their” animal to pay for feed, veterinary care and a foster home. The program is exclusively for animals for which no good new owners can be found (because they are too old, too big, too black, too sick…).

Apart from the financial support especially the moral support is an important sign of solidarity – a greeting across geographical and cultural borders – and is very much appreciated.

The animals in the program are introduced on Instagram at irregular intervals. The respective sponsors receive photos and news of their protégé twice a year and, with the sponsorship certificate, also the invitation to come and visit the animal at any time.


These animals are still looking for sponsors (click on the picture to open a video):