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The well being of humans is closely linked to the welfare of the animals.

Who helps animals, also helps people.

Wherever animals live in human care, their well-being is only possible if their needs and wants are known and addressed. Our non-profit organization FinnDomingo e.V. helps people in Germany and Chile acquire the necessary experience and offers opportunities to practice and exchange knowledge regarding animal husbandry, animal care and animal health.

Approved: Animal protection acquires constitutional status in Chile

The inclusion of animals in the new Chilean Constitution was approved under unprecedented terms. The fathers and mothers of the Constitution, which is currently being drafted, decided to anchor the protection of animals as a State task, so the future Article 23 will say: “Animals are subject to special protection, the State will protect them, ... Read more

Ellen Stähr
13. April 2022

Approved: Constitution of Chile mandates animal protection

The inclusion of animals protection rights was approved in the newly written Chilean Constitution. The authors of the Constitution, which is currently being drafted, declare that the protection of animals as a State responsibility. The wording of Article 23 will state: “Animals are subject to special protection measures, the State will protect them, recognizing them ... Read more

Ellen Stähr
26. March 2022

Charity campaign “Postcards help”

In order to directly support its Chilean partner organizations in their arduous work on site, FinnDomingo e.V. has launched the charity campaign “Postcards help”. The 5 cheerful postcard motifs were designed by the illustrator and graphic artist Doro Ostgathe. The cards carry memorable words on the subject of animal welfare by well-known personalities, and can ... Read more

Ellen Stähr
11. June 2021

Animal Welfare into the new Chilean Constitution

Actualmente se está redactando una nueva Constitución en Chile. Se estima que el proceso durará unos dos años. FinnDomingo e.V. apoya a una red de trece asociaciones chilenas de bienestar animal en su lucha por una mejor legislación para proteger a los animales. ¡La APLICACIÓN de esta legislación en la vida cotidiana es, por supuesto, ... Read more

Ellen Stähr
5. June 2021