The well being of humans is closely linked to the welfare of the animals.

Who helps animals, also helps people.

Wherever animals live in human care, their well-being is only possible if their needs and wants are known and addressed. Our non-profit organization FinnDomingo e.V. helps people acquire the necessary experience and offers opportunities to practice and exchange knowledge regarding animal husbandry, animal care and animal health.

Charity campaign at the Nürburgring

Our next campaign “With the racing bike for animal welfare” will take place at the legendary Nürburgring, where we will be taking part in rad am ring from July 24th to 26th, 2020, a major event with more than 9,000 participants and around 25,000 visitors. FinnDomingo will ride the 24-hour race in 2020 with a ... Read more Charity campaign at the Nürburgring

Ellen Stähr
27. January 2020

2020 plans

FinnDomingo e.V. has big plans for 2020. “Learning from each other: animal care (r) in Germany and Chile”: With this educational program in the German-Chilean exchange, we promote intercultural understanding and the transfer of knowledge about responsible animal husbandry. The pilot project with which we started active development work in 2019 has proven itself and ... Read more 2020 plans

Ellen Stähr
1. January 2020

Network “Chilean Animal Welfare Association”

In Germany, the German Animal Welfare Association represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis politics and society. That means that over 700 animal protection associations with over 550 animal shelters and around 800,000 members have a voice that can be loud. In Chile, on the other hand, there are many private animal welfare initiatives, but ... Read more Network “Chilean Animal Welfare Association”

Ellen Stähr
31. December 2019

The Blue Dog

The Blue Dog is an educational program that was originally developed to prevent bite injuries in children between the ages of three and six. The main role is played by a blue dog named “Blu”. In an interactive computer story, children and their parents learn how to properly handle their own dogs and how to ... Read more The Blue Dog

Ellen Stähr
31. December 2019