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The well being of humans is closely linked to the welfare of the animals.

Who helps animals, also helps people.

Wherever animals live in human care, their well-being is only possible if their needs and wants are known and addressed. Our non-profit organization FinnDomingo e.V. helps people in Germany and Chile acquire the necessary experience and offers opportunities to practice and exchange knowledge regarding animal husbandry, animal care and animal health.

Become a food/medicine sponsor? Here’s how…

The FinnDomingo animal sponsorships started during the COVID pandemic as emergency aid for the member associations of the project “Network Chilean Animal Welfare Association”. In the meantime, they have become established as a small contribution to the daily struggle of Chilean animal welfare activists, which has by no means become easier after the pandemic. With ... Read more

Ellen Stähr
27. September 2023

Charity: “Road bikes for animal welfare”

Finally! After a forced two-year break, the cycle racing festival rad am ring will take place again at the legendary german race track Nürburgring from July 22nd to 24th, 2022. FinnDomingo e.V. will be represented with a four-person cyclist team: Karsten, Christian, Claudia and Timo. These sporting aces will participate in the 24-hour race, one ... Read more

Ellen Stähr
11. June 2022

Series “Learning from each other” continues

With our educational program “Learning from each other” in German-Chilean exchange we promote knowledge about responsible animal husbandry. The pilot project “Learning from each other: animal care(takers) in Germany and Chile”, with which we started active development work in 2019, has proven itself, but could not be continued in 2020 and 2021, although the funding ... Read more

Ellen Stähr
14. May 2022

Volunteer service goes on

At the beginning of 2021 we started to set up our FinnDomingo volunteer service. The preparations lasted three months, and our first young volunteer worked for another quarter in the animal rescue station of our Chilean partner organization Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar. She did fine. Very fine. When the head of the station fell seriously ... Read more

Ellen Stähr
11. April 2022