Board of directors

Our mission is contribute to the improvement of living conditions for animals in human care. Our motto is “think global, help local”.

Board of Directors: Alexander Stähr (chairman), Dr. Ellen Stähr (treasurer), Theresia Egle (vice chairwoman) with Finn Domingo, the “club mascot”

Our expertise is based upon several years of living, studying and working in Chile. This helps us to efficiently and respectfully support members of Chilean animal welfare organizations to acquire knowledge and skills needed for responsible animal husbandry, animal care and animal health.

We initiate strategic partnerships between German and Chilean animal welfare clubs and organize learning and working exchanges, thus also promoting intercultural knowledge and the acquisition of international professional skills.

Our first Chilean partner organization is the Corporación Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar (“Homeless Paws Shelter Corporation”) in Chiguayante/Concepción, the second largest city in Chile. We also mentor an alliance between Homeless Paws and two well respected German associations that run big animal shelters in the cities of Hannover and Essen.

July/August 2018: Chilean María Ruiz (2nd from the right), chairwoman of Homeless Paws Shelter, visits Germany to prepare partnerships with German animal shelters. She is supported by our Association, here with Theresia Egle, Deputy Chair (2nd from left) and Alexander Stähr, Chairman (1st from right).