Homeless Paws Must Survive

Especially in horrifying situations, animals and humans can give each other comfort and hope, like this boy and his puppy after the 2010 earthquake in Chile.

What are basic needs? Air and clean water. A safe home. Food. Companionship.

This is what the operators of the Chilean animal shelter “Homeless Paws” (Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar) strive to give to the “forgotten dogs” in and arround their hometown. More quality of life for humans and animals, a little more compassion and respect, that is what they work for.

But the continuation of the Refugio is at risk, because they lack financial sponsors.

Let’s help!
Please, learn more about our fundraiser “Homeless Paws Must Survive”.

Anyone living in Chile will find direct support opportunities on the Corporación Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar website, registered and accredited in Chile as a nonprofit organization.