Approved: Animal protection acquires constitutional status in Chile

The inclusion of animals in the new Chilean Constitution was approved under unprecedented terms. The fathers and mothers of the Constitution, which is currently being drafted, decided to anchor the protection of animals as a State task, so the future Article 23 will say:

“Animals are subject to special protection, the State will protect them, recognizing their sentient being and the righr to live a life free of mistreatment. The State and its agencies shall promote an education based on empathy and respect for animals.”

FinnDomingo e.V. (through our project coordinator in Chile and together with members of our “Chilean Federation of Animal Welfare” network) participated in a major national campaign, the goal of which was for the Chilean state to officially recognize its responsibility in protecting animals. The joint efforts have paid off, and on March 25, 2022 this goal has been achieved.

Certainly no one who knows daily life in Chile expects that there will be drastic improvements with this alone. But at least an important step has been taken in the right direction. After years of demands for more concrete government action in legislation and, above all, in legislation and law enforcement and at all levels, it is now to be hoped that the demands will be better grounded in the future.