Why “FinnDomingo”?

“FinnDomingo”: New name, same mission. Our original name “Animal Welfare International: German-Chilean Projects for Responsible Animal Husbandry” was a bit bulky and clumsy. FinnDomingo is a real life symbol of international animal welfare. Our beloved dog was named Domingo when it lived in Chili. Since moving to Germany it is named Finn. FinnDomingo is a … Read more

Video: A semester abroad with consequences

Nine months of study and internship in Chile: His Master’s program “Atlantic Studies” brought Alexander Stähr much more than new impressions. After his return to Germany he founded a non-profit development association, which organizes educational projects in animal welfare. Have a look at this “country at the end of the world” while listening to the … Read more

The story of Finn Domingo

The odyssey of a little street dog. Nothing important in world affairs, right? Or is it? Anyone can make a difference. These pictures show why it is worth the effort.

Helping people help themselves

Chile is one of the most advanced countries in South America, but when it comes to animal welfare, it is still lagging behind. For example, the steadily increasing number of stray dogs is a matter of great concern to many people. The problem will not remedy itself if people continue to ignore it and do … Read more