International Day at the Leibniz University Hannover

Our Association gathers first experiences with presentations to the public: On May, 16th our chairman, Alexander Stähr, organized a booth at the IV. International Day of the Leibniz University in Hannover.

The International Day, hosted by the International Office every two years, is a joyful and colorful event, full of music, dance, good food and lots of exciting conversations about life around the world. It was very well attended and provided ample opportunity to introduce both Chile and the work of our Association to an interested audience.

The International Day offers the approximately 3700 foreign students at Leibniz University the opportunity to introduce themselves and their home country. In addition, many German students present the countries in which they have completed their semester abroad or internships.

One such student is Alexander Stähr. In preparation for his master’s degree in Atlantic Studies at the Leibniz University, he spent nine months studying and working in Chile. When he returned to Hannover at the end of 2017, he brought back not only a four-footed companion, but also a strong desire to help eliminate some of the less attractive aspects of Chile. Animal welfare and public health are areas which need addressing and remediation. There is a blatant lack of knowledge about the inherent relationship between animal welfare and the well-being of humans.

To correct this lack of knowledge, in 2018 we founded our Association and started organizing educational projects in cooperation with German and Chilean animal welfare associations, thus contributing to the improvement of living conditions for animals in human care.

More than 27000 young people study at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Many of them attended the International Day on May 16, 2019.