Network “Chilean Animal Welfare Association”

In Germany, the German Animal Welfare Association represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis politics and society. That means that over 700 animal protection associations with over 550 animal shelters and around 800,000 members can speak with one voice, that will be heard. In Chile, on the other hand, there are many small private initiatives, whose members are often either at odds or know nothing about each other. In addition, many lack specialist knowledge of animals and their needs, so their actions are sometimes inappropriate. As a result, there is no organized lobby to speak out for animal welfare in Chile.

Three Chilean associations decided they want to change this. They took the visit of the FinnDomingo-team in October 2019 as a starting signal to build up a Chilean network that pursues the ambitious goal to gather as many animal welfare associations as possible under one roof within the next one or two years. Their mission is the foundation of a Chilean Animal Welfare Association.

Core associations of the network

Corporación Coaama (Concepción), Corporación Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar (Chiguayante), Fundación STUKA (Santiago de Chile)

Role of FinnDomingo eV

The process is lengthy and requires a lot of tact. The core associations see FinnDomingo as a mediator, bridge builder and advisor on their way to found an umbrella organization. In particular, FinnDomingo eV provides support in the localization and analysis of possible other interested associations and also plans to hold a special seminar in Chile in October 2020.

What’s next?

Beginning in March 2020, when the summer vacation in Chile is over, more clubs are to be won for the project. Nevertheless, in order to do this, they first have to be found!

Due to Chile’s geographic, political and social peculiarities nobody knows exactly how many animal welfare initiatives exist nor in which area, at what level and with what precise objectives they work. Gaining an overview will therefore be the first and most important task. The special features mentioned above will turn the research for this study into a real challenge.

By October 2020, the participants of the network want to be done with elaborating draft statutes for the future “Chilean Animal Welfare Association”. All organizations interested in participating shall submit to these statutes, which will be voted upon when the umbrella association is founded.