Second round: Learning from each other 2020

And on we go with our project series “Learning from each other: Animal care(takers) in Germany and Chile”, which is partly funded by federal funds. Thus, in 2020 again, Chilean and German animal rights activists will exchange ideas, visit each other and work together.

“Learning from each other: Animal care(takers) in Germany and Chile” is the name of the project, which is partially supported with German federal funds. Chilean and German animal rights activists will host exchange visits and work jointly for an entire year.

This project is based upon cooperation between three German and three Chilean associations:

  1. Corporación Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar (Concepción/Chiguayante, Chile)
  2. Fundación Stuka (Casablanca, Chile)
  3. Corporación COAAMA (Concepción/Hualpén, Chile)
  4. Animal Protection Association Groß-Essen e.V. (Albert-Schweitzer-Tierheim, Essen, Germany)
  5. Animal protection association for Hanover and the greater Hannover area e.V. (Tierheim Hannover, Germany)
  6. FinnDomingo: Projects for Responsible Animal Husbandry e.V. (Wittlich, Germany)

Mutual benefits gained

  • The Chilean shelter operators gain new knowledge about professional animal care and shelter management, which will help them to preserve their shelter and advance in their work.
  • The German animal shelter operators can incorporate international learning practices and benefit from extended field work abroad.
  • The participating apprentices and animal keepers can expand their first-hand professional knowledge and experience.
  • The members of FinnDomingo e.V. advance in their mission to improve living conditions for humans and animals through education.
  • And last but not least: The rescued animals in the participating animal shelters are restored to a healthy life, able to strengthen the bond between humans and animals.
TrainingWorldwide is a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which financially supports German apprentices and professionals in internships abroad during vocational training.

Financing of the project

TrainingWorldwide (AusbildungWeltweit) is a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). With this program, the goal of the German government is to promote the acquisition of international vocational skills through the promotion of German training companies supporting education and internships of their trainees and trainers. A partnership with comparable foreign institutions is essential. Another important aim is to promote vocational training in the home country of the partners.

“Learning from each other: Animal care(takers) in Germany and Chile”

Our association is interface coordinator and official contact for the Ministery. It organizes the complete project, that starts the beginning of April 2020 and runs until the end of March 2021, covering a number of intercultural, bilingual and professional events throughout the year, oriented towards the participants and the public.

Highlights of the project

Part A) In the summer of 2020, we are planning two internships for Chileans in Germany for a total of eight weeks – this time focussing on public relations and professional dog training.

Part B) In the fall of 2020, four German zookeepers (two apprentices and two trainers) will spend three weeks learning and working at the Chilean shelters. Only this part will be supported by the governmental programme TrainingWorldwide.

This means we need help to make the Chilean internships in Germany (part A) happen.
Can we count on your support? Great! Please, find out more.

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