Bite prevention program for preschoolers


The term “Patas y Manos” (“Paws & Hands”) is the working title of the planned Chilean adaptation of “The Blue Dog”, a bite prevention program which has been used in various European countries for about ten years. In Germany, the interactive educational course for toddlers and preschoolers and their parents is included in the curriculum of the Federal Center for Health Education and is distributed under the authority of the German Society for Veterinary Medicine (DVG). In order to implement “The Blue Dog” in Chile in the future, FinnDomingo e.V. supervised a university internship in early 2020, during which a Chilean veterinary medicine student analyzed under cultural, educational and veterinary aspects to what extent “The Blue Dog” can and should be adapted to the conditions in Chile.

In early 2021, the “Patas y Manos” program will be elaborated in detail and then will be installed in various Chilean kindergartens. During the three-year pilot phase, FinnDomingo e.V. will conduct weekly courses for children as well as regular information events for parents. Multiplier training for educators should help to ensure that the kindergartens can later continue the program on their own.

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