Animal Welfare into the new Chilean Constitution

Actualmente se está redactando una nueva Constitución en Chile. Se estima que el proceso durará unos dos años. FinnDomingo e.V. apoya a una red de trece asociaciones chilenas de bienestar animal en su lucha por una mejor legislación para proteger a los animales. ¡La APLICACIÓN de esta legislación en la vida cotidiana es, por supuesto, … Read more

Voluntary service under construction

Civic commitment in the area of animal welfare is extremely demanding all over the world and is based primarily on voluntary work, especially in Chile. No member organization of the “Chilean Federation for Animal Welfare” network could exist without volunteers. Fortunately, there are many people who want to serve society and work for a more … Read more

Dog school instead of dog abandoning

In a good dog school, dogs and their people learn how to communicate well with one another and regularly practice these skills under expert guidance. Knowing how to treat dogs appropriately and how to integrate them into our everyday life is the basis of every successful human-dog relationship. In Chilean society, however, this knowledge is … Read more

Seasons Greetings 2020

With the music of “El burrito de Belén” (“Little donkey from Bethlehem”) we send seasons greetings to all friends of FinnDomingo e.V. and the members of our network “Chilean Federation for Animal Welfare”. We have chosen the “Donkey of Bethlehem” as the bringer of our good wishes: • because it is a popular Christmas carol … Read more

News from the network “Chilean Federation of Animal Welfare”

In October 2019, three Chilean animal welfare associations decided to work together. Partnering with FinnDomingo e.V., they wanted to bring together as many clubs as possible under one roof  to found an umbrella association in Chile based on the model of the German Federation of Animal Welfare. In order to define a common purpose, establish … Read more

Research: “Map of Animal Welfare in Chile”

Starting in March 2021, as many other associations as possible shall join the network “Chilean Federation of Animal Welfare”. In order to ask for their participation we will first have to find them. Due to Chile’s geographic, political and social peculiarities nobody knows how many animal welfare initiatives work where, at what level, with what … Read more

Bite prevention program for preschoolers

  The term “Patas y Manos” (“Paws & Hands”) is the working title of the planned Chilean adaptation of “The Blue Dog”, a bite prevention program which has been used in various European countries for about ten years. In Germany, the interactive educational course for toddlers and preschoolers and their parents is included in the … Read more

A crazy year is coming to an end. Summary.

FinnDomingo e.V. had big plans in 2020. What happened to them? Well, like many other people, we have spent time, energy and money saving our plans from the pandemic, unfortunately to no avail in most cases. Nonetheless, we have accomplished a few things and now we look to the New Year with confidence. 1. Exchange … Read more

Annual report 2019/2020

Traditionally , the General Meeting takes place at Pentecost. In the “Corona year” 2020, however, the meeting was postponed to August 29, but could take place as a face-to-face event, which everyone present enjoyed very much. In addition to the annual report of the board of directors and the treasurer’s report on the use of … Read more

Second round: Learning from each other 2020

And on we go with our project series “Learning from each other: Animal care(takers) in Germany and Chile”, which is partly funded by federal funds. Thus, in 2020 again, Chilean and German animal rights activists will exchange ideas, visit each other and work together. “Learning from each other: Animal care(takers) in Germany and Chile” is … Read more